Reggie's Drum Clinic:

" an unforgettable experience. I was enthralled from start to finish. Reggie delivered it in a way that even a relatively late starter to learning to play the drums could understand. I was not only very impressed by his outstanding technical ability but also how he gave me tremendous insight into ways of focusing and becoming more aware of my playing to combat, anxiety and fear of failure. If you get a chance to see one of Reggie's clinics... DON'T" MISS IT!"

- Paul,
Western Australia


"As a relative new comer to the drums I was pleasantly surprised to be inspired, not overwhelmed, by the ‘How To Improve Your Performance’ DVD. Reggie demonstrates with such enthusiasm and prestige you are glued to his every move, eagerly anticipating his next step. While starting you at the very basics, Reggie doesn’t leave you hanging, quickly showing you how these basic foundations are built upon to give you the freedom and skill to perform a knock out drum solo & open the doors to a whole new level of playing. Inspiring you to immediately jump on your drums!"

Perth, Western Australia.


"Reggie D'Souza, I would like to thank you for the past 5 years of tuition that you have given me on drums and percussion.
You were there from the very first time I sat on the drum throne, ready to play my first beat on the drums, to now, where I’m now playing in many bands and have had many successful performances on drums and percussion
I have come to the conclusion that without you and your tuition, I would not be where I am today with my drumming and for this I thank you.

Over the years, you have showed me how much fun drumming can really be and through your techniques, how amazing drumming really is.
Your drum clinic in the evening of September 30th 2009, was simply inspiring.
It helped me improve as a drummer and learn how exciting drumming can be if viewed from different perspectives.
The way you carry yourself, your teaching methods and your wicked Mapex drum kit, have inspired me to believe that if I strive to reach my full potential, one day I can be as good as you.
I would like to be able to teach the wonderful instrument that is the drums, to young children the way you do. Once again, thank you for you inspirational and helpful tutoring that has got me to where I am today.
I look forward to seeing you next year, and many years into the future."

- Chris Paterniti
Perth, Western Australia

"Reggie’s DVD showcased great techniques. After viewing and applying these techniques to my own drumming, I am finding that my drum techniques are improving .Under Reggie’s mentorship, I am teaching my own drum students and applying these techniques to their learning. Reggie is a great inspiration to me and his philosophies on the art of drumming have given me elevated confidence and more courage in my performance."

- Regina Akora
Perth, Western Australia

"Reggie’s DVD was inspirational for us as it showed us that drumming isn’t an art you can acquire instantly, but an art that takes years of determination and dedication to perfect. Reggie’s DVD, ‘How to Improve Your Performance’ was very riveting and his teaching methods allowed us to appreciate the art of drumming even though we are not drummers."

- Isabelle & Azulant
Perth, Western Australia

"Reggie D'Souza’s performance was sensational. This is the first time I saw a drummer play independently and it was captivating to watch him. My daughter is a student of Reggie’s and I only hope that she can excel to his level."

- Leslie
Perth, Western Australia