I play Mapex Orion Drums with custom made maple shells. They give me a warm and dense sound and I like the attack and sustain they purvey.

I use Evans EC2 Coated Skins all around, which provide me with a rich feel and unique texture, a warm and focused sound with a clean stick definition. Full and soft, they provide a perfect combination of smoothness and sensitivity. Thank Heavens for Evans!


I play Sabian Cymbals. After years of playing cymbals, I found what I was looking for. I play the HHX Evolution Series. I am very impressed with the sounds, textures and feel it gives me. These cymbals speak to me when I play them, with their incredible clarity and brilliance. They enhance my playing.

With Mapex Drums, Evans Skins & Sabian Cymbals, it creates musical explosions!

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