workshops & clinics

Drumming workshops for both children and adults. Reggie has experience working in schools and colleges and has regular workshops and drum clinics.


workshops. workshops. workshops....

Reggie is committed to promoting the art of drumming in a positive and motivational way.
  His workshops are designed to give both children and adults an insight into the art of drumming. With his experience he is able to demonstrate and explain in a way which is accessible to all.

Students will learn playing and listening skills in a group, coordination and of course drumming skills and much more.

Reggie conduct drum workshops in various schools which he has done for the past few years.
Reggie uses his own music pieces composed originally by himself to utilise different drum rhythms and solos.

Would you like Reggie to bring one of his drum educational workshops to your school or college? Please contact to discuss requirements, rates and availability.

clinics. clinics. clinics....

Reggie is available for drum clinics.

As a drum educator he has performed many workshops and clinics at various schools and colleges.

Please contact to discuss rates and availability.


session playing. session playing. session playing....

Reggie is available for session work in recording studios.

Reggie has over 20 years professional experience in the industry.

Reggie is also available for tours.

Please contact for rates and availability.


For genuine business inquiries contact Reggie D'Souza here