Dom Famularo and Reggie with DVD

Topics covered in the DVD include:

• Hand Techniques

• Foot Techniques

• Drum Fills

• Drum Techniques

• Drum Solo Techniques

Reggie also performs original songs with sequenced percussion and band accompaniment.

'How to Improve Your Performance' also gives insights on how to diminish the mental interferences that can hinder the full expression of potential.

This DVD will serve as a summary of drum skills for any level of drummers.

Reggie's self-directed educational drum DVD entitled 'How to Improve Your Performance' has been a work in progress for many years now.

Countless hours of research, sound experimentation and musical study have aided Reggie both in reaching new levels of performance

and teaching others to do the same.

'How to Improve Your Performance' gives viewers a detailed break down of the performance techniques Reggie has accumulated over his many

years of experience and offers tips to reduce the mental interferences that inhabit the mind and limit the full expression of human potential.

As the filming period has come to an end, the DVD is now in the editing process and is set for a release date of May 2009.





























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